Flowers You Can’t Believe Are Made Out Of Paper

The creative skills some people have continually amazes me. What also amazes me are these flowers made out of paper. I can’t believe how realistic they look!

If you’re allergic to flowers, don’t want to spend the money on them, or don’t want them to do maybe you should pick up this new hobby. It looks pretty complicated to make beautiful flowers from paper but it may be easier than you think!

1. Paper Poppies
Paper_Poppies_DIYThese exquisite paper poppies are beautiful!


2. Flower Table Runner
teaparty_runner_product_mainColorful paper flowers used as a table runner at a tea party.


3. Paper Gardenia
PaperGardeniaYou only need to have one of these to see how simply gorgeous they are!


4. Water Color Paper
Using water color paper makes this bouquet even more realistic!


5. Giant Peony
This may be one of the coolest flowers…it’s giant!


6. Tissue Paper Flower
Delicate and realistic. Perfect for a centerpiece.


7. Paper Hydrangea
I love these modern paper hydrangeas! Lovely addition to your home decor.


8. Spring Tulips
These paper tulips have spring written all over them!


9. Coffee Filter Flowers
I can’t believe these are made from coffee filters! So pretty!


10. Tissue Paper Sunflowers

Super cute and simple sunflowers made from tissue paper!


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