Flexible LEGO Tape Is Really Cool And There’s No End To What You Can Do With It!

You probably played with LEGO bricks as a kid, but the toys are now evolving into some truly spectacular pieces. One of the more outrageous forms they come in? Flexible, adhesive strips. Oh, and you can cut them to sizeThe project is still in the crowdfunding stage and is called Nimuno Loops, but LEGO enthusiasts have already pledged over a half a million dollars to the project! It’s basically a LEGO compatible adhesive tape, and people are wondering why the toy giant hadn’t thought of it before now…and some people are skeptical that it works well at all because it seems like LEGO probably would have tried this already.Each piece of tape is planned come in a variety of colors and lengths, but may not be easy to “re-stick” after it has been laid down. It does seem like a fun way to play with the bricks in more obscure places than before, but we’re not sure how portable it would really be. While there are skeptics, people are still really excited about this. If it works, it could make for some super exciting additions to the home!

What do you think about this company’s attempt at making portable LEGO bricks? Love it? Or is it kind of weird…

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