Five Weeks After Falling Overboard, The Resilient Pup Washes Ashore To The Shock Of Everyone Involved

Nick Haworth and the crew on a commercial fishing boat were pulling up lobster traps two miles away from San Clemente island, a training base owned by the Navy. Luna, only 18 -months old at the time, was frolicking on deck one minute, and the next, she had disappeared. After frantic searching, they realized that she had gone overboard.

They searched the waters for two days before giving up. The waters were dark, as was her coat. They notified the Navy’s training base, and the staff searched the island for nearly a week. Everyone had given up on Luna and she was presumed dead at sea.

Haworth had been sure that the pup could have made it to the shore. She was a strong swimmer and very resilient, but after a week of searching in vain, he had to move on.


Five weeks later, Navy staff was arriving for work when they saw a dog sitting on the side of the road. Since domestic animals aren’t allowed to be on the island, they knew at once that it had to be Luna!

Over a month later, the pup had presumably been eating dead fish and small rodents to stay alive. While she was thinner than when she had gone overboard, she was still in perfect health! While her owner was away on business, the Navy was able to get her to his best friend who promised to care for her until he returned. She was given a new dog tag that reads “Keep the Faith.” 🙂

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