Five Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

My son is almost three months old. So, with that said; my pregnancy is still fresh in my mind. Although I had an overall positive experience, I did have some not-so-fun moments. These moments unfortunately consisted of comments collected by friends, family, and even complete strangers. The next time you see a pregnant woman; there are just some things you should not say. Read on to take note of some key comments you should certainly keep to yourself!

  1. Are You Almost Done?tumblr_inline_neimvlUg0x1sm2ld3Although this wasn’t said to me too often, I was a recipient of this question by a couple complete strangers. I wouldn’t have taken offense to this question if I were nine months pregnant. But, when six month pregnant me stepped into a gas station to pay for my purchase and the cashier eyed my bulging belly; she uttered these painful words. Flustered, embarrassed, and frankly surprised at her rudeness; I told her there are just some things you don’t say to pregnant women and walked out!
  1. It’s Really Going to Hurt!tumblr_mavv4tjeci1qfaqf7Labor and delivery are a first time pregnant woman’s biggest fear; the moment they find out they are pregnant. It’s obviously not going to feel good, no matter if you have a natural or C-section delivery; so this comment only adds to the anxiety an expecting mommy is experiencing.
  1. You Should Breast Feedkourtney-kardashian-starbucks-pregnancy-bathroomMaybe this comment is true, according to doctors across the country; but I feel that breast or bottle feeding is a personal, private choice that should not be discussed with others, especially with those who are going to judge you if you choose to formula feed.
  1. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps681432I don’t think any comment annoyed me as much as, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” It implied that my life was basically over and that I’d have zero time to shower, clean, enjoy my hobbies, or get a decent night’s sleep ever. I obviously knew that I needed my rest when the baby arrived, but if the baby goes down for its nap and I had the choice to sleep or shower, you bet your bottom dollar I’d jump at the chance to feel revived and fresh as a daisy!
  1. You Have No Idea What You’re In ForJen_aniston_got_itI received this comment a lot, especially from co-workers for some reason. I think it’s important to remember that everyone has a different experience with childbirth and the first few months raising the baby, so saying that comment to anyone just isn’t fair. I know that it just made me worry more and feel nervous when I should have been feeling blessed and excited. So, if you had a less than positive experience with bringing home baby, keep that to yourself!

Hopefully you’ll think about these five comments the next time you have a conversation with a pregnant friend or family member. Remember, there are just some things you should never say to an expecting woman for a number of reasons. If you’re going to say anything to them, simply congratulate them and sincerely wish them luck!

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