Five Things Parents Wish They Would Have Known Before Having Kids

Babies. Kids. They sound like an amazing idea. You think you know how much work they are before you have them. But. You. Have. No. Idea. I was one of those people. I always thought people were exaggerating when they were talking about how sleep deprived they were or how expensive kids are. Now that I am on the other side, I can write to you honestly to tell you some things I wish I would have known before having kids (but even then, you are still never prepared!).

  1. Kids Punch Their Own Time Clock When it Comes to SleepingbabyMy son is only three months and I have tried to sleep train him. By now, he should be sleeping 5-6 hours straight at night. Should is the key word. I’ve learned that while sleep training is a great idea and trying to get babies and kids on a schedule is the key to sleep happiness; babies and kids punch their own time clock. They teethe, they get sick, and they simply don’t feel like sleeping when you tell them or want them to. It can be very frustrating. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I thought I’d be in full control of my baby. Little did I know, they let you know when they will be awake and asleep.
  1. Kids Are Expensive. Really Expensive!tumblr_mnkhydn7HB1sp9fcho1_400Again, I was that cocky person who thought I’d only be shelling out an extra hundred dollars a month once the baby arrived. Nope! Double, even triple that. My son needed a special formula that costs us $30 for a small can and he goes through at least two each week or so! Plus, factor in dozens of diapers, wipes, teething gel, doctor’s visits, and childcare. When your child gets older and they are ready to attend a pre-school, I heard it’s like making a second car payment. Be prepared to be pretty broke for a while unless you start saving a few hundred dollars a month now, for the future!
  1. You Have A Few Hours to Yourself Each Day (If You’re Lucky)dancing-kids-oI told myself that I was going to continue writing after I delivered my son (and I am obviously doing so). However, I never thought I’d get all my side work done between the hours of 8-10 at night while multi-tasking (throwing in loads of laundry, catching up on DVR episodes, playing with the dogs, checking my email). Once you have a baby or kids, your own time gets wiped right out until they nap or go to sleep. Plus, if you “sleep when the baby sleeps” throughout the day, you literally only have the few hours they go down to bed to get all of your house work done or enjoy some quiet time to yourself.
  1. You Dread Going to SleepLiz-lemon-eye-rollMaybe this is only true when you have a baby, but sleep becomes a thing of the past (see number one). You actually say to yourself, “What’s the point? I’ll just be up in a few hours anyway.” I have nothing more to say about this.
  1. You Get Skinnywhat-is-happening-gifAgain, referring to number three; you don’t have much time to sit around. This means you will snack less and be more active, which equals a smaller, slimmer waist line! My baby weight flew off and I’m back into my smallest, skinniest skinny jeans. Woot woot! I wish someone would have told me this sooner because I definitely would have eaten more during my pregnancy!

Kids and babies are a ton of work. Despite the hardships, I’m leaving out one important thing-they totally make your life. Not a minute goes by where you regret anything, regardless of how hard it may be at times. If you are beginning to start a family, keep these five facts in mind and try to enjoy every moment you have with your little ones!

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