Five Secret Things That Everyone Does But No One Admits To

We all have some skeletons in our closet. Are there little things that you do but would never admit to? You are not alone. Read on to learn about some secret things we all do but would never tell anyone we do them!

  1. You Drink Right From Cartonsmilk-3If you’re thinking, “Ew, gross,” get over yourself. You know you totally take sips of orange juice, soda, milk, and whatever else is in your fridge on a daily basis. And, what’s worse; you totally serve it up to others too. I definitely felt a little guilty when I poured my mother in law some orange juice at breakfast after she stayed with us for the weekend.
  1. You Tell Your Friends Their Kids Are Cuteseinfeld-ugly-baby-oI’m sorry, but not every baby is beautiful and not all kids are adorable. But, you have to be a good friend and make it until you fake it. That mean smiles are forced at every picture that is shoved in your face and you must “like” whatever they post of their kids and family on Facebook.
  1. You “Google” Yourselfpity-party7Talk about vain, but we all do it. We just can’t resist the urge to type our name in a Google search engine and read/view whatever pops up about us. Like we don’t already know…
  1. You Blame Someone Else When You Clog a Toilet at Worktumblr_mmus0pd4DM1s3e6o1o8_500How mortifying (but hopefully this doesn’t happen often). You clog the shared toilet at work. You have also done your business during a prime time of the day, so this is really going to make things uncomfortable. You call your janitorial staff and sheepishly admit that you are the bearer of bad news. Someone has clogged the toilet and you are simply reporting it. You also wait there looking disgusted until the custodian arrives in case you have to tell co-workers that it wasn’t you and not to use the facility (Listen up. We all know it was you!).
  1. You Say You’re on a Diet But You Binge Eatanigif_enhanced-buzz-18375-1388715433-14When you are offered chips, chocolate, pizza, or any other foods that are bad for you; you stay strong in public and often refuse them; stating that you are on a diet or that you just don’t eat those things (carbs are so bad for you!). But, when you go home and are in the company of no one else, you have a moment of weakness (or simply self-indulgence) and dig in.

These are things everyone has done at some point in their lives. If you don’t want to own up to it, at least crack a smile now and admit it to yourself silently!

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