Five Inventions You Didn’t Know About That Should Be EVERYWHERE!

People come up with crazy ideas everyday, and while some of them may not be the best inventions, a lot of them end up being pretty clever! Hopefully, these will catch on because they’ve already gone viral! Would any of these make your life easier?

There is a QR code on this student’s homework…it leads to a video on YouTube from the teacher explaining the process step by step! Homework would be less stressful if you could just replay the lecture all over again from your phone.
This little “notch” on the back of a chair means that your purse will never slide off onto the dirty floor again! Would you use it?This dentist’s office has a giant “Where’s Waldo” scene to help kids relax during their appointments…but adults are chiming in that they would love to see this in their dentist’s office too!Tired of guessing at an avocado’s insides? This helpful sticker lets you figure out how many days you can keep it before it gets too squishy! This elevator has buttons on the floor to use when your hands are full and you can’t easily get to the buttons! If only the world had more things like this…it would probably be a better place. (And I wouldn’t waste so much money on avocados!)

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