Five Inspiring Kids That Make The World A Better Place!

Children are our future (or so we’re told). They are unique, they are special, and some are even inspiring. Here are five kids who will bring a smile to your face and make you feel at ease knowing that we and the world will be left in good hands in the future!

  1. Yash Gupta
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    Yash doesn’t let anything get in his ways! After being without his glasses for a week at school and realizing what a struggle it is to be a student who cannot see; he started a foundation called Sight Learning. This organization collects and donates glasses for kids who are in need in third world countries and helps them also get their eyes examined in clinics. Gupta has collected over $100,000 worth of eye glasses and are giving kids across the world a brighter (and clearer) education.
  1. Alanna Wall
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    Wall started an organization called Filled with compassion for others, she visited hospitals and polished the nails of young ladies who had special needs or who were not feeling well so they had a little something to smile about. She collected dozens of other youth volunteers to help her brighten other’s days and make others feel better by looking better.
  1. Jaylen Arnold
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    This boy, who has Tourette’s Syndrome; started a campaign to stop school bullying. On his Jaylen’s Challenge website, he started selling anti-bullying wristbands and puts proceeds toward programs for schools to raise awareness about bullying and it’s negative and powerful effects. His stand has inspired others across the country and helped him change his own life in the process.
  1. Kyle Freas
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    When he was 16, Kyle started the nonprofit organization called Youth Together. He works with students to help homeless, abused, and ill kids in Texas and New Mexico. He has raised over $200,000 to help those in need and feels it’s important to teach children at a young age that it’s never too early to help others and to not always think about yourself.
  1. Talia Leman
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    Leman founded RandomKid, an organization that helps children solve real world problems by teaming up with other interested youth. The organization has helped other needy countries by funding water pumps, building schools, giving them sufficient medical care, and teaching others that peace can be attainable with the help of others. Leman received numerous awards and is a former national ambassador for UNICEF.

Talk about inspiring! These five kids have accomplished more before their 18th birthday than most average adults accomplish in their entire lives. Hopefully these motivating kids have inspired you to get out there and help, or teach your own children how they can give back and become responsible, helpful citizens of the world!

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