Fitness Model Shows The Difference Between “Posing” And “Relaxing.” Wow.

It turns out that boosting people’s self-esteem was as simple as posting a snapshot that wasn’t tailored to a certain audience. Fitness model Sophie Allen did just that with a single picture, proving that half of the work is how you pose.

She wants her fans and followers to understand that being fit is a lifestyle, and that our bodies change how they look throughout the day – it never stops and it never stays the same. Depending on what you’re doing, what you eat, how much or little you slept the night before, and even posture changes depending on what you’re wearing! There isn’t much of a constant, and she proves it.

Normally, her photos are popular because they show “the ideal,” but she wants you to know that there really is no such thing. By posing strategically, she can achieve “perfect” proportions and lines…but just by existing and relaxing, her body looks completely different! No two people will ever look the same – even her before and after a meal or a bottle of water! Even the way she arranges her clothing makes a huge difference!Her picture instantly went viral, with thousands of likes and shares all over the world! She isn’t the first fitness model to show a “behind the scenes” look to her fans, and hopefully, she won’t be the last.

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