Fitness Blog Tried To Shame PIZZA Lovers. It Backfired!

Common courtesy usually means avoiding making rude comments about someone’s food…but this fitness blog tossed that idea directly into the garbage and decided to take it to the next level entirely. Naija Gym Blog compared two delicious pizza slices to multiple spoons of warm oil, suggesting that it was somehow gross to do so. Did they mean teaspoons? Tablespoons? Soup spoons?! And why is the oil warm? They underestimated the love that people hold for pizza and it was a beautiful moment.
First, people wanted to know where they got that “2 slices = 3 spoons of oil” statistic because it sounded suspiciously made up. Second, people treat pizza as a “treat” after following a good workout routine. Many people only workout in order to eat their two slices of pizza at the end of the week. It’s the epitomy of delicious with it’s melty cheese and crispy crust and tasty toppings…why would you hate on something so perfect?

Well, people let the blog have it, responding with massive amounts of love and support for their favorite food.

The irony? Just a few months ago, they tweeted this:

Don’t put a ban on your favorite foods. Enjoy the food you love in moderation. Getting fit isn’t a punishment.”

Seems like they need to follow their own advice!

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