“First World Cat Problems” Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

When’s the last time you pondered what it would be like to suddenly switch places with a cat? No more to-do lists. No more bills. You could spend a whole day laying in the sunlight and no one would tell you to go get a job. It sounds absolutely magical…but it’s also true that being a cat comes with its own special set of complications. Cats struggle, too.

Their hearts break when their human closes the bathroom door in their face. Their day is ruined when their human fails to hold the front door open so that they can stare out of it blankly. Sometimes, they get sprayed in the face unjustly when they use the couch as a scratching post instead of the scratching post. It’s hard to be a cat.Sometimes, they want the tuna, but their human opened their salmon…Sometimes, the birds get away.Many cats find it difficult to continuously move into the sunbeam when it creeps across the floor. The struggle is real.When do the difficulties end?!Do you STILL want to be a cat?! Their lives are much more complicated than we may have originally thought.

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