First Ever Dog Cafe Helps Adoptable Dogs Find “Fur-Ever” Homes!

Coffee and tea aren’t the only things on the menu at the Jacksonville Dog Cafe – you can order a side of cuddles, too! The entire goal of the dog cafe was to help dogs get adopted and finally find their forever home. The atmosphere is light and comfortable, making it easier for the dogs to relax and the visitors to bond with the dogs without the caged feel of the shelter.

We are sort of a work in progress, but we started having pop-up events, and the basic concept is adoptable dogs, coffee and tea,” Carolyn Snowden, the owner, said. “Putting the two things together in a fun environment so these dogs can maybe be exposed to potential adopters.”

She had spent her life building a pet-sitting company, but she wanted to help get more local dogs adopted. She teamed up with three other rescue shelters in the area to host an event every Saturday!

The coffee is donated by local roaster, Martin’s Coffee, and families can come to meet the dogs and enjoy a nice cup while they consider adopting.

Cafe: Connect, Adopt, Fundraise, Educate.”

She got the idea from a dog cafe in Los Angeles and know that it shouldn’t only be done in “big cities,” Jacksonville deserved one too! Would you adopt a dog if you got to meet them in a cute cafe?

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