Firemen Make Dying Man’s Last Wish Come True And Escort Him Out Of Hospice Care

Ed Reis was a forest ranger most of his life. He loved the outdoors and spent as much time as possible just being in nature for a job that he felt he was born to do. But Reis suffered from Multpile Sclerosis and eventually, became trapped in his own body and was unable to move. While he was bedridden, it didn’t stop him from making friendships. He became close with the hospice staff and¬†confided his last wish: to make one last journey out into the forest.

His case manager heard the wish and reached out to the local fire department and told them Reis’ story and about his last request.

EMS arrived on the big day, and other firemen followed in their truck, heading out to a local trail.¬†It was tough work to take Reis’ gurney over the rocky terrain, the wheels not being made for a rough trail meant that they made frequent stops…but Reis was ecstatic. He hadn’t been outdoors in years due to his condition, and being able to see, smell, and hear the nature all around him was a breath of fresh air – literally.

When they asked him how he felt about the trip?

I’m so happy!” He repeated again and again.

He as in his element, and was able to cherish the memory for the rest of his time in hospice care.

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