Firefighters Rescued Piglets From A Blaze…6 Months Later? Absolutely Horrifying.

After a barn caught fire suddenly in the middle of the night, farmers feared the worst for the animals stuck inside. Incredibly, the firefighters who responded to the scene were able to rescue them; 18 piglets and 2 mama pigs were safe and sound thanks to the brave actions of first responders…but that’s where the happy story ends.

These little piglets were growing up on a meat farm. Their futures weren’t very bright to begin with, and six months later, these “rescued” pigs were served to the very men that saved them…asĀ sausages.

People were stunned. The manager of the farm decided that it would be a nice gesture to the firefighters who had worked tirelessly to help them on a cold, February night six months earlier. She wanted to thank them for their dedication, and the fact that the piglets were now the right age for slaughter just seemed like the perfect way to say “thank you.”

On this particular meat farm, “the animals only have one bad day,” and before that, they lead a relatively happy life, she explained.

PETA reportedly sent the firefighters a package of vegetarian sausage to try and convince them that it tastes just as good. Others thought that the story just had a dark theme:

Out of the fire, and into the frying pan.”

It won’t stop anyone from eating meat, but maybe next time…don’t use the word “rescue.”

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