Firefighter Distracts This Girl Who Arrived Home To Find EVERYTHING Destroyed!

When she took her granddaughter out to run errands, she had no idea what the day would have in store. Arriving back home, she found fire trucks and police cars lined up on her street. When she got closer, she realized that they were surrounding her home. No one else was home, so she tried to make the situation a little better by spreading out a beach towel and putting her granddaughter’s toys out for her to play with.

A neighbor snapped this picture on the hectic day. The little girl was sitting by herself, her toys lying forgotten in the wake of losing everything she had ever owned. Her father, uncle, and sister also lived in the house with them, but they weren’t home yet and grandma was trying to do what she could to cooperate with the authorities.

That’s when Brandon, a firefighter, took a few minutes out of his busy day to offer the little girl a bit of comfort. He talked to her, asked her questions about her life, and helped to calm her down. He couldn’t bring her home back, but he could distract her from the tragedy for a few minutes, so that is what he did.

This sweet, caring and compassionate man took a few minutes to sit and talk to her and provide whatever comfort he could.”
7.8a1Losing everything is something that “doesn’t happen to me.” Until it does and you are forced to start over in a heartbeat. This family has a long journey ahead of them, picking up the pieces of their shattered home…but they have each other, and that is all that matters.

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