“Find Rudolph In Five Seconds” Game Is Surprisingly Difficult!

We aren’t sure what Calvin Straw’s goal was when he decided to create this game, but we are sure of one thing: it’s hard! The array of cheerful little reigndeer all lined up with their misleading red tongues sticking out perfectly disguise Rudolf – especially since they are all wearing red hats – and finding the elusive Christmas carol star is difficult to do under five seconds. That’s the challenge. The time constraint makes it feel impossible. The knowledge that a clock is counting down turns this simple picture into a confusing mess of antlers and feet.Even when Rudolph is hidden in an obvious place, we still miss him!
It isn’t a small nose, either. It’s comparatively huge! A bright red circle should be easy to spot…but it’s just not! How are you doing? Have you gotten them all? Most people have stopped using a timer by now because it’s just too hard to keep up with.
This next one is blowing people away. “Why?” They ask. “This is just mean.” But they still try to get it within five seconds. Even after finding him, it’s easy to forget where he was. Seriously. When you’re done, scroll back up and see if you can do it again.Silly elves! They’re making it too hard!What did you think of this silly holiday puzzle?

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