Feral Cat Scheduled To Be Euthanized After Constant Hostility…One Shelter Couldn’t Give Up

This feral cat was so hostile, volunteers named him Mr. Crabs, calling him “Crabby” for short. He didn’t like humans. He didn’t like being around them. He spent his days glowering from his cage and hissing at anyone who came close.

But a rescue group called Love Your Feral Felines knew that they could help! They specialized in re-homing feral cats to help barn homes with rodent control. With a new job of hunting the pests that littered a farm, they thought he had found a good home…unfortunately, he just wasn’t warming up to the humans who lived there.Mr. Crabs sought refuge in the family’s garage and never ventured into their backyard. They began to feed him in the garage, but anytime they got close he would jump and hiss…but eventually, he stopped jumping and only hissed.

They began to notice his strange aversion to being outdoors. They opened up their doggy door to see what Mr. Crabs would do. One day, he wandered into the family home and was almost instantly a different cat than they had known.

He was still a bit skittish around his humans, but after six months of letting him come and go as he pleased…he warmed up to them. He even allowed them to stroke his fur!

Eventually, he became so comfortable that he jumped right up onto the couch for a cuddle! Now, he is an indoor cat and absolutely adores his new life!

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