Feeling Stressed? Follow These 5 Steps To Give You A Boost In Less Than 30 Seconds!

Hectic days can overtake our stress levels in an instant. With a million things to do and no time to do them, it can be incredibly overwhelming just to make it through a single day! Sure, taking a soothing bath or going for a walk would be wonderful…but a lot of the time, nobody has time for that! These quick methods for giving your body that “can do” attitude will take mere seconds to complete, and you can follow along as you read them!

1.) Breathe! Take a deep breath and count to 3. Exhale, and count to three. Close your eyes and do it two more times!

2.) Sit up straight in your chair. Pull your shoulder blades back, and down. Hold them for 3 seconds, then release! Close your eyes and do it once more. Don’t forget to breathe!

3.) Are your brows furrowed? Focus on the muscles and relax them. Are your shoulders tense? Focus, and relax! Identify where you hold your stress, and give yourself a quick massage.

4.) Stand up and walk around your desk, or to the water cooler and back. Breathe with your steps!

5.) Close your eyes for 10 seconds. Imagine your favorite place. What does it smell like? Don’t fall asleep on your mini vacation!

It’s not as relaxing as a trip to a day spa, but it’ll at least get you through the next task on your to-do list!

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