Fed Up Mom Writes A Letter To Her Kids, And I Couldn’t Stop Laughing By The End Of It!

For some reason, kids can get extra messy during vacation times. No, this is NOT limited to summer vacation. This applies even to a long 3-day weekend! Kids just don’t seem to grasp the amount of work that a stay-at-home parents has to do on a daily basis to keep their homes functioning, and until they have homes of their own, it’s a daily struggle. Leave it to the “clean socks will always be in your drawer” fairy to keep the kids from thinking they should put their dirty clothes IN the laundry bin instead of strewn about in the general direction of the laundry room…


But hey, if you have perfect children who don’t do any of these things (PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS) then this letter might not be for you…for the rest of us, we can totally relate! I could add a hundred things to this list, and if you live with kids, I bet that you can, too! As much as I love some good, family vacation time, the moment the kids go back to school will always be celebrated with a nice, well-deserved trip to the grocery store without the ambient sounds of complaining children to keep me company. 🙂

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