Father Ignores Daughter Standing In A Dangerous Area Near Crocodiles! Parents Are FURIOUS!

In Queensland, Australia, a small family was enjoying the day next to a small creek, wading in the water and playing in the sand. Normally, there would be nothing wrong with such a scene…6.27a17Except that dad was completely ignoring a sign that warns visitors of the crocodiles the lurk nearby. The person who took this picture couldn’t believe their eyes, and waited a moment to see if dad would notice that his little girl had wandered too far. When dad looked her way and did nothing to stop her, the concerned person moved in for a confrontation.

He told dad about the warning, and that many crocodiles have been spotted in and around the area. The man even pointed out that the family was standing near a slide on the embankment – where crocodiles slide in and out of the water – and that it was very dangerous to be wading in the area unsupervised.6.27a18When the man pointed out that the slide was only inches away from them, dad just looked at him as if he were stupid and said “No, there isn’t.” Dad continued to ignore the very real threat lurking a few feet away. When dad left, the man walked closer to the exact spot he had seen the girl and took a picture of the crocodile slide as proof.6.27a19He posted the story to social media, and although the dad was never identified, furious parents can’t stop sharing the picture, hoping to find him and give him a piece of their mind.

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