“Fat Vincent” Weighed 38 Pounds…That’s A LOT For A Little Dachshund! But Wait Until You See Him Now!

At a whopping 38 pounds, not-so-little Vincent could barely walk when he was dropped off at an animal shelter. He was only 7 years old but was at risk for multiple health problems due to his weight. While the staff suspected he had been eating fast food instead of kibble, his previous owner died and there is no way to tell what he had been eating…but we can all assume that it wasn’t good at all! High high cholesterol and an inability to walk for more than a few steps at a time, he needed serious help.4.13a9

The folks at the shelter immediately put him on a new health regimen in order to try and save his life. A foster mom agreed to help Vinnie on his weight loss journey. She put him on a healthy diet, long walks, and water aerobics.4.13a11

It was hard at first, as bringing Vinnie out on walks had her shamed by other people who thought that she had been over-feeding the pooch. Eventually, Vinnie got used to the new diet and as he began to feel better, he began to love his longer walks!

They have given him the nickname “Skinny Vinnie,” and it definitely fits!4.13a10

If you have a pet that has gained a little bit of weight, it’s not too late to help them get back on track! A better diet and a little more exercise will go a long way. Skinny Vinnie lost 21 pounds in just 8 months!

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