Family Pet Left Behind After A Move Had Very Special Paws

This 2-year-old cat was discovered abandoned in the backyard of a vacant home. Her previous owners had moved and decided to simply leave her behind, obviously hoping that someone would find her or that she would find a new life as a stray instead of bringing her to a shelter. But something set this kitty apart from others – she was born with very special paws.Neighbors reported that the special kitty and two others had been wandering about the garden for weeks after the previous owners moved out. They were battered, dirty, and suffering without proper nutrition and water.

The neighbors alerted a nearby shelter who picked up the cats and nursed them back to health! They named the cat Deandra and inspected her paws but quickly determined that the fused toes didn’t cause her any pain.

In fact, we think they look rather elegant,” said a representative from RSPCA Manchester and Salford.

Deandra was shy at first but quickly opened up to volunteers, obviously happy to be around humans again.
Deandra lived at the shelter for over 3 months in the hopes that her humans would hear about her and take her to their new home, but they never arrived.

When a man named Michael heard her story and learned about her condition, he didn’t waste any time heading to the shelter to see if they might get along. Deandra immediately took to him, cuddling and nuzzling the new human with an affection the volunteers hadn’t seen before!

Deandra now has a new home, and the memories of her abandonment will hopefully fade quickly as she adjusts to her new life!

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