Family Of Kittens Discovered In Rusted Washing Machine – They Almost Missed One!

The washing machine had been gathering rust in the garden of a local florist for some time, but no one had realized that the washing machine had become the home of a feral mother cat and her five kittens until over a month later! The mother cat had decided that the drum of the washing machine would be the coziest place to give birth to a litter of kittens, and five weeks later, they were spotted taking their first steps outside to explore. A member of the florist’s staff spotted four kittens exiting the abandoned washing machine and contacted the local animal shelter to let them know. The volunteer staff checked the washing machine but didn’t find any more kittens or the feral mother. They set a trap for the mother and took her to the clinic once she had been caught. She was spayed and vaccinated before they released her back into the same area a while later. But one week later, the florist called again – they had discovered another kitten! Somehow, the little kitten had managed to stay hidden during both searches. They collected the fifth kitten and brought her to be socialized along with her siblings. As long as the kittens are younger than eight weeks old, they usually have a good chance of bonding with humans and are able to be adopted. These kittens passed all of the tests and hope to be adopted  soon!Two of the kittens were adopted together, and the other three hope to find a new home soon!

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