Family Of 5 Adopts Their Dying Friend’s 6 Children! The New Family Of 11 Is Closer Than Ever.

Beth Laitkep spent her final days in the hospital surrounded by her 6 children and her best friends…who would soon adopt them all. “Promise me one thing…” Beth begged.

Make sure the girls always have bows in their hair.”

Beth was a newly single mother of six. She found out that she had cancer when she was pregnant with her youngest son, Ace, and the doctors performed an emergency C-section so that she could undergo chemotherapy…but it wasn’t enough. As her illness progressed, the father of the children abandoned them all. Beth knew that her children needed a family that would love them as much as she did, so she asked the impossible of her best friend.

Stephanie and her husband had already become close with Beth, and Stephanie had known the woman since high school. When Stephanie agreed to take the children as her own, the children moved in. One month later, Beth passed away knowing that her children would be in the best care.

Donnie, Stephanie’s husband, thought it was some kind of miracle. Ten years earlier, he had built their family home with multiple bedrooms. The house, it turned out, had enough rooms for all 9 children. They took it as a sign that they were doing the right thing.

The children already feel at home with their new parents, and while the adoption paperwork is still processing, the children know that they are loved. The family cries together, laughs together, and slowly, they will heal together.

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