Family Finds Pet’s Ashes STOLEN From Their Car And Beg Thief To Return Them

A disturbing tragedy struck the Flewelling family in Janesville, Wisconsin one afternoon when they discovered that a thief had broken into their car and stolen their pet’s ashes.

The family’s 13-year-old Golden Retriever, Frankie, had died of kidney failure in December. They decided to cremate their family pet as a way to honor her, but soon after picking up the ashes, they were gone. The ashes had been placed in a nice purple gift bag and left on the seat in their car. The doors had been unlocked at the time, so the thief acted quickly, swiping the “gift” and fleeing the scene, probably thinking they had scored something for themselves.¬†

I’m just very disappointed in parts of society. We wanted¬†to take her ashes and get them put into a nice necklace or bracelet. All we have is pictures.”

They contacted friends and family and reported the incident to the police in hopes to finding their pet’s remains. They hoped that by sharing the story on the news, the thief would return the “purple gift” as soon as possible…

And it worked! The ashes were placed on the hood of the family’s car – supposedly by the thief – and while they still don’t know who was responsible, they are thankful to have Frankie back. They are finally able to say goodbye!

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