Family Adopts 20-Year-Old Toothless Cat, Surprised At How Much Longer He Lives

The Williams family took a trip to Best Friends Animal Society. They were looking to adopt a young kitten to become a part of their growing family, but as they met the different animals living there, they found their hearts stolen by an ancient (by a cat’s standard) 20-year-old cat with no teeth. While they acknowledged that the cat would likely die in the next few months, they just couldn’t leave him at the shelter. He had bonded with them instantly, and the family knew that they could give him a loving home before his time came to pass on.

The family took him home, where he immediately bonded with their son, JJ. Dexter showed an obvious connection with the boy, and the two spent as much time together as possible.
10-31a2Dexter shocked the family even more by living until the ripe old age of 23-ish, a full two years after being adopted by the Williams family. The cat even bonded with their two large dogs, quickly becoming the “pack leader.” Perhaps the dogs were able to tell that Dexter was decades older, or maybe they just felt his loving personality as well!

Dexter also loved to cuddle, taking any opportunity to snuggle and take naps with JJ, curling up and dozing after school and during the night.

The cat may have lived a tough life, and he may have been fairly old, but he had enormous amounts of love to give…and a lot more life to live!


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