Fake Dieting Tips Planted At Local Grocery Store By Hilarious Prankster

Brought to you by the same genius that posted fake Black Friday deals at Target, Obvious Plant has done it again. Inside of an unsuspecting grocery store, these cardstock “healthy eating” tips start off sounding like good advice…but quickly spiral out of control! “Trudy,” a fictional dietician, seems to have bigger problems than just her eating habits.

Feel full faster by repeatedly swallowing your feelings throughout the day.”

Yogurt has more sugar than six Orea cookies. It is not actually that healthy for you. The yogurt industry has been lying to you JUST LIKE MY EX-HUSBAND LIED ABOUT GOING TO CABO WITH HIS SECRETARY!”

Burn a few easy calories by throwing an entire cake against your wall in a fit of rage because it’s been calling to you all night and it’s 3 a.m. and you know you shouldn’t eat it but you can’t resist and, oh great, now you’re eating it off the floor WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, TRUDY, HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL.”

We can imagine the people wandering through the isles, not realizing that the tips are actually satire until they get halfway through them. We hope they laughed instead of calling the manager. Oops!

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