Facebook Glitched And Logged Him In To A Stranger’s Account…What Followed Is Unbelievable!

Mistakes happen all of the time when you’re online, and some are more frightening than others. This man tried to log in to Facebook from a mobile phone (one of those really old flip phones from the early 2000’s) to update his status and see what other people were up to. The problem? As soon as he went to Facebook’s website, he was already logged in…to someone else’s account! He posted a status to see who he was posting as – a woman named Celeste whom he had never met.

Her friends started to comment on the statuses. They tried to help him figure it out, and at one point, Celeste started talking to ‘herself’ from a friend’s account to try and fix the problem! He hadn’t entered her password or email – Facebook did it for him! She was nervous that he would have access to all of her information, but luckily, he was a good guy who didn’t mean any harm.


He tried to logout of her account, but found yet another glitch…Facebook wasn’t giving him the option! He asked her friends for help, but none of their suggestions were working! She finally got home and logged into her account from her personal computer, but his account stayed logged in on the phone (something that wasn’t possible all those years ago!) even after she changed her password.


They decided to “friend” each other in the hopes that it might change the problem…and it worked! After he was successfully logged out…they didn’t unfriend each other! She decided to remain friends because it turned out that they had a LOT in common! They started talking and became fast friends.

After a year of getting to know each other and meeting a few times, she moved from Colorado to Arkansas to live closer and see if their relationship was something special! As it turns out…it was!


They got engaged because they had found true love! The next year, they were married and started their lives together…all because of a glitch on Facebook! If only all mistakes could have such a sweet and happy ending!

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