“Extreme Couponer” Uses Her Savings Super Powers To Help Hurricane Victims

Kimberly Gager lives in San Antonio, Texas, and she’s using her extreme couponing skills to help people that have lost everything in the hurricane that hit South Texas.

As she watched the destruction unfold on the news, her Facebook began to be flooded with friends and family sharing pleas for basic supplies. People weren’t able to get their hands on essentials, and many families that usually depended on donations from their local food banks were at a loss for what to do next as the food banks were empty.

When she began to see people begging for diapers, baby wipes, and formula, she realized that she could help in a big way. Normally, she doesn’t use the coupons she collects for baby items as she doesn’t have babies…but she knew that she could make a difference for the parents who had nowhere left to turn.

She took her unused coupons to her local Target and purchased as much as she could with the discounts and manufacturer’s rebates as possible.

She had invested thousands of dollars into her efforts and saved double and triple by using the coupons, taking donations from kind strangers to keep going day after day. It is exhausting work, and she has taken several days off from her day job in order to keep going.

She may be addicted to collecting coupons and saving money, but her incredible skills have allowed hundreds of parents and families to sleep easier during their hard times, and for that, people everywhere are grateful.

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