Everyone Thought This Man Was Being A JERK For No Reason! Then One Man Pulls Over And SAVES His Life!

Getting caught up in your own errands and schedules can make anyone impatient. We have lists of things to do that can feel miles long sometimes, and getting through them takes up the majority of our free time. When the residents of this neighborhood were being delayed by a stalled truck that was blocking an exit. This man was angry at the delay, but something seemed off when he pulled past the truck. It disturbed him so much that he had to pull back around and double check that everything was okay. His detour saved a man’s life.

As I reached the car I could see a man sitting in there with his eyes wide open but whenever I said something to him he was non-responsive.”


They took him into the ambulance and started running tests to find out that his blood sugar level had dropped all the way down to 17 and was on the verge of dying if something wasn’t done immediately because he was in diabetic coma.”

4.15a13This man was in the right place at the right time. People stopped to help once they realized that the man was unconscious…but what about before? Instead of checking to see if the man was okay, every single person drove past him, angry at being delayed. As it is going viral, it is making many people wonder if they’ve ever driven past someone who needed help and didn’t receive it. A few moments were all it took to realize that something had gone terribly wrong. Is it really worth the trouble to take 2 minutes out of our busy schedules? One man’s life says that the answer is a resounding “yes.”

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