Everyone Is Floored When Father Of The Bride Does This! I Don’t Know if I Should Cry Or Cheer

When dads react candidly, everyone else in the family is caught by surprise because men rarely do that. Just watch the father of the bride in this amazing video and you’ll probably get the idea. Here he shows a heartfelt message that leaves his newly wed daughter and her husband in tears.

Patriarchs keep this air of calm and mystery, hiding most of their ideas to themselves. But when it comes to the wedding day of their daughters, all the gentleness and softness suddenly fill their hearts. After all, when the baby girl is about to have her own family, dads are expected to give their full support.

Truly, a father has shown love for his daughter before any man. He’s protected her from harm, fed, and nurtured her to the best of his abilities. The dad in this video has done all of these, maybe even greater, and the message on the wedding day sums all the love he has to give.

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