Every Year, These Friends Get Together And Document Their Results From No-Shave November

No-Shave November is a yearly tradition in which men agree not to shave their beards for the entire month of November. It sounds crazy, but men across the country participate to see just how much of a beard they can grow in a few short weeks. These friends decided to document their progress in the most hilarious fashion: themed photo shoots.

The first year, they were terrifying “ax murderers” in matching plaid. The next, one buddy decided not to participate in the beard-growing, but they went on to brave the snow-covered mountains in their rugged new facial hair.
Cut-throat pirates came next as they donned their best Halloween costumes and tried to look as swarthy as possible. Then, in 2016, they banded together in a very 300ish fashion…and one friend even played the part with a missing tooth!As their costumes became more outrageous, so did their attitudes. One friend was only allowed to grow a mustache, as he is an EMT and beards are against the dress code. When asked about how they’d done it, it was revealed that they often put together one single costume and shared it among the group. They take individual pictures in the outfit, putting their own personality into the photograph before the images are combined in Photoshop.

The hilarious tradition will hopefully continue for decades to come…and in the meantime, a lot of guys loved the idea and want to try it out themselves!

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