Every Time Her Dad Visits, He Leaves Sneaky Surprises In The Most Unlikely Places!

Parents never want to stop helping their children, and in the case of this dad, he found some serious obstacles when it came to supporting his daughter. She never wanted to accept his cash whenever he came to their home for dinner, but he wasn’t about to take ‘no thanks’ as an answer. Instead, he would wait for the perfect moment to stash a $20 bill in a spot where his daughter would find it eventually.

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When she made the inevitable discovery, she would snap a picture and call him out! He never admitted it, and so she was forced to accept the money! It soon became a running joke, and when she shared the pictures with the internet, this dad’s clever tactic went viral!
The hiding places continued to get more and more clever, and even when she told him that the internet loved his antics, he still wouldn’t admit that it was him leaving cash behind!In the hands of his grandchildren’s toys, held magnetically to the fridge by a can of oregano, or wedged into the chandelier, the hiding spots grew more and more outrageous! He wasn’t going to give up anytime soon, and the silly (and admittedly genius) idea made people smile across the globe!

…And it gave other parents great ideas! Who could argue with money they found in their own home? Hilarious.

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