Every Time Grandpa Goes To This Burger Joint, He Sends Family Members A Picture To Make Them Jealous

Fred and Patricia have enjoyed going to eat at In-N-Out Burger for decades and share countless memories together. Every time they pick up their order, Patricia takes a picture of Fred so that they can send it to their son, who lives in Seattle, where there are no delicious In-N-Out Burger joints!

I want out son to miss his fatherĀ andĀ to miss In-N-Out Burger,” Patricia says.

When their granddaughter realized that her uncle was getting weekly texts from the happy couple, she wanted to be included! She collected dozens of pictures over the next few years and created a jovial collage.The pictures of the happy grandpa holding up his In-N-Out prizes quickly went viral and people fell in love with him! How cute is this guy?The important thing is that every time they send a picture, their son responds with a bit of jealous and a lot of ‘I miss you.’

Keeping up to date in life – even if it’s just a weekly picture from a restaurant – is what makes life worth living. This is a way to keep in touch with their son…and now their granddaughter, too!

Do you have a fun family tradition like this one?

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