Every Day, He Brings His Wife Outdoors To Wave At Passing Cars

Paul and Martha had known each other since they were children, but it wasn’t until Paul served in the Navy that the two really became close. Their families attended the same church, and when he was stationed at Pearl Harbor, the two began writing back and forth. At first, they wrote to stay in touch, but as time went on, they came to mean a lot to one another. 

One day a buddy of mine and I were walking around and we came across a woman that was selling engagement ring sets. Well, I had no interest and neither did my buddy because, you know, we had no plans to get married any time soon but that woman talked us into looking at the rings and we ended up buying a set. I held on to mine for a long time while Martha and I kept writing each other until one day I just decided to mail the ring to her. A few days later I called her up and asked her if she got anything in the mail from me and well, the rest is history.” Paul said. 

They were married for 57 years. He stayed with her through thick and thin, and even visited every day after she was sent to live in a care home, suffering from dementia. He sat with her and waved at passing cars, helping her enjoy the fresh air until she passed away on one July day.

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