Ever Wondered Why Flight Attendants Tell You “Trays Up, Seats Up?” The REAL Reason Is Kind Of Scary!

A former flight attendant tells all when it comes to the rules and reasons behind airline travel. Many of the rules seem a little bit ridiculous to most travelers, and for those who fly frequently, we may already follow those rules without really understanding why they have been put in place to begin with. We don’t break them, of course, because we don’t want to get thrown off of the plane for causing a stir, but we don’t know why they exist at all.¬†

Ever wonder why the flight attendants always harp on you to have your seat be in an upright and locked position and the tray tables stowed during take-off and landing? ¬†They really don’t just love going around to repeatedly ask you to do that, but it’s for everyone’s safety.


If something were to happen and we needed to evacuate the plane, your seat being all the way back blocks the aisle for people to walk if they needed to get out of the plane.

No, not the aisle down the middle, but the ones that would lead you to escape through the windows of the plane.


In the mad rush that would happen of everyone pushing and shoving to get off the plane, the last thing we need is your seat back or tray table blocking the way, making it more difficult for people to get out.

Hopefully, we can follow these rules faster now that we know they are for our safety, and not just to annoy us during a nap…Plus, our trip will go quicker if everyone follows the rules instead of waiting for the attendants to walk up and down the isles reminding us. Hey, if it’ll get me home faster, I’m all for it!

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