Ever Wonder What’s Inside Old Abandoned Homes? Check Out What They Found

This is not a set of a dramatic period film; it’s a real abandoned home located on the rural part of Hertfordshire in Southern England. From the outside, it may seem like just another dilapidated structure. But what you’ll see inside will leave you in amazement.

The eerie abode known as the Crooked Cottage can give anyone goosebumps and for good reason. Household items left by the long-gone owners include a made-up double bed, old-fashioned clothes, black-and-white family photographs, and a calendar dating back to December 1956. It is believed that the home is left untouched since the owner’s daughter was taken into care.

Toby Bachelor, the photographer who discovered the house, also took photos of an old piano, the tiny room upstairs, and a book entitled “The Uninvited” written by Dorothea Fairbridge in 1926. The foundation of the house have started to erode, and the items inside began to wither away. For an urban explorer like him, it doesn’t any get any better than this.

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