Escaped Teen Responds To Police Facebook Statement…And Asks Them To Use A Better Picture!

When Amy Sharp escaped an Australian correctional facility, the police issued a statement to the public. They believed that she was not dangerous and wanted citizens to call a hotline instead of attempting to talk to her or help her. The statement gave a brief description of her physical appearance, and the local news stations picked up the story to help spread the details.8.29a3The teen saw the post and hated the mugshot that they had posted…so she kindly asked them to use another! The post vaguely referenced to “property charges,” which insinuate that she was arrested for theft of some sort (according to the thousands of comments generated by the post) and many people are criticizing the police’s use of social media to apprehend her.

Even more (like, tens of thousands more) are outraged that their tax dollars funded not only the initial jail break, but the city’s resulting use of hundreds of man hours and utilizing “Police Order & Riot Squad” to arrest an 18-year-old.

Many say that it was a “show of force” that just wasn’t necessary. Others say that it wasn’t right for the police to put her up to such public scrutiny without all of the details in the first place, trying to sway the views of the public.

What do you think about this mess? There are always two sides to every story…but 10,000 people replied to Amy Sharp’s comment with praise, laughter, and a general “stick it to the man!” attitude.


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