England’s Teeniest Castle Costs As Much As A Fancy Apartment! Would You Live Here?

Let’s be real – not many people can afford to live in an actual castle…but this miniature castle may be as close as any of us will ever get! The best part? It costs about as much as a mid-sized apartment in London. The little castle is called Molly’s Lodge and was originally used as a gate house for the larger Weston Park Estate. Built in the 1830s by Edward Blore (the same architect who restored Lamberth Palace and extended Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria), the home is a dream come true for many.It’s a fully-functioning home, and while it is admittedly a bit small, people are excited to live there. The appliances and furniture doesn’t fit the theme of a lavish castle, but after hearing about drafty stone walls and freezing stone floors from fairy tales, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.The home boasts one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room, a spiral staircase, and a dining room.The loft even has a little bar!The gardens might take a bit of upkeep…but aren’t they magnificent?Total cost for this miniature castle?  £550,000

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone purchased it simply to dress in Victorian Era clothing and host tea parties. (Because that’s what I’d do.)

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