EMS Crew Slams On The Brakes When They Spot A 98-Year-Old Woman Exhausted In The Summer Heat

Dashlin James heard the familiar sound of a lawn mower across the street but didn’t think anything of it. His neighbor, Margaret Durham, was just keeping her lawn nice and neat as she always has.

Even though it was routine for the 98-year-old woman to be doing her own yard work, this day was different. It was incredibly hot – the temperatures in Waco, Texas easily soaring into the high 90s – and the slope of her lawn combined with her exhaustion was a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, a group of paramedics were on their way to the station when they spotted her. At first, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but they quickly made the decision to stop and help.
Their job is to save lives, and in this case, it meant preventing a disaster before it could happen! The slope of the lawn, the heat, the powerful lawn mower, and the muscle fatigue could have caused serious injury to the elderly woman. They knew because they deal with disaster on a daily basis.

When James realized what was happening just across the street, he snapped this photograph and commended the paramedics for not only recognizing the potential danger to his neighbor, but for stopping and doing something about it.

These everyday heroes don’t wear capes, but their actions sure are heroic!

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