Employees Lured This Deer Out Of The Store With Treats…It Might Not Have Been The Best Idea! She’s BACK!

Living in rural areas sometimes means that the local wildlife will end up wandering into town to explore the areas where humans live. One such deer walked into a small convenience store after the door had been propped open…and wouldn’t leave!

Lori Jones was taken aback when a deer walked into her workplace in Colorado! The deer was sniffing about the chips and sunglasses when Jones realized that she would need to convince the deer to leave on its own. Trying to manhandle wild animals is in reality very dangerous, but she had a crazy idea.

She opened up a peanut bar and used it to lure the curious deer outside. It worked! The deer scampered off with its delicious treat, and Jones thought that it was the end of her deer problem.
She went back to minding the store, checking the stock and going about her business when she felt a familiar presence!The deer was back…and this time, it had brought a few friends along! Jones grabbed her phone and snapped a few pictures of the bold deer that were wandering into her store. The three new deer were waiting by the entrance as if they were waiting for permission.

Jones realized that giving them more food wouldn’t stop them from returning, so she clapped loudly, startling the deer into leaving on their own.

Too funny!

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