Employees Arrive Monday Morning To A Break-In…The Security Footage Is SHOCKING!

Employees from Colorado showed up to work on Monday morning only to discover their front entrance smashed in. They immediately started to investigate, looking for stolen items or compromised information, but found nothing missing. They booted up their systems and prepared to analyze the security footage taken over the weekend, hoping to get a handle on what had happened in their absence. But when they found the footage, they were…confused.

A wandering group of goats had, for some reason, taken issue with their front door. Maybe they didn’t like their reflections? Maybe they didn’t like the fact that the door wasn’t food?! WHY?!

It confused everyone else, too. They posted their crazy incident online and people were just as baffled. Why would goats hate a door so much that they’d just head-butt it for no reason?

Well, to the goats, the door was clearly aggressive. (What.) Now, the only thing left to do is submit it to the insurance company and hope that they decide to cover the damages done by the rogue goat.

Have you ever heard of something this nuts?!

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