Employee Cheers Up Teen Going Though Cancer Treatments With One Amazing Gesture

Leigh’s son, Drew, was feeling down about his new glasses. One of the medications that he had to take during his cancer treatments had a side effect that affected his vision. As a result, his prescription was constantly changing, meaning that he had to get used to new lenses more often than was comfortable. This particular prescription was a little stronger than he was used to, and he wasn’t happy with them. They made him feel “woozy.”

Leigh was driving him home after picking up the new glasses and wanted to stop at Home Depot to pick up a new can of paint. She wanted to paint her new chicken coop…but she had no idea that the quick stop would completely make Drew’s day!

A nice woman named Debbie helped me with my selections and asked me if Drew could help her mix the paint. His eyes lit up! He walked around the counter and Debbie showed him how the paint mixing machine works. He watched all the colors pour into the gallon of white paint. ‘That is SO cool! Mind BLOWN!’ he said.

Then Debbie showed him the paint shaker, and she let him seal the gallon of paint with a rubber mallet. She even offered him a job when he is 18, and said she’d work around his college schedule. Drew said ‘OK!’ “

Leigh wanted to share this story because she remembers working in retail. She remembers getting only negative complaints from customers and never hearing positive feedback. She wanted this story to go viral so that people would appreciate the employee’s hard work! We’ll say it worked! Thousands of people have shared it!

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