Emaciated Cat Found Near Death On A Highway Given Heartbreaking Ultimatum Until Rescue Group Steps In

When Blanche-Neige (the French for Snow White) was spotted on the side of the freeway, she could have easily been thought to be dead. Her fur was rough and filthy, and her face had nearly crusted over due to infections and undernourishment. Her small legs could barely support her weakened frame…but she wasn’t giving up. When she was taken to the vet by a passing human, the vet had a tough decision to make. She needed a lot of medical care in order to survive, and if no one stepped forward to claim her in the next few days, she would be put on the list to be euthanized.

Thankfully, a local rescue group by the name of Chatons Orphelins Montreal heard about the poor kitty struggling to survive and came to the rescue!They could tell that she had been living with a family before ending up on the streets by her demeanor. She wasn’t used to the outdoors and the challenges that came along with it, like hunting and finding shelter. She would not have survived the winter…but they were going to do everything that they could to revive her.

It took a lot of patience, medication, and care…but after a while, she was well enough to be given a bath…and her true self began to shine! Her fluffy, shiny coat was truly something to behold!

Five months later, she was back in fighting form, putting on weight and gaining strength! She lives with a foster family and hopes to find a nice, quiet forever home soon!

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