Elementary Teachers EVERYWHERE Should Use This Genius Art Hack!

This crazy cool picture is a hit during arts and crafts time! Allowing kids to follow visual directions and experiment without having to ask for help is simple with an easy-to-follow color chart. Using primary colors, yellow, red, and blue, kids can learn to create the “other” colors with simple directions printed directly onto the paint bottles.

Other moms and teachers have expanded on this idea by printing the directions for the specific color that’s in the bottle. “How many colors can blue make if you mix them together?”
Instead of buying bottles with these labels printed out, some have made them during craft time and taped them to the paint bottles! This neat idea allows kids to be “hands on” and gives kids the tools to be creative on their own.

Have you ever tried this method? Teachers love this idea, especially when they have a class full of kids that all want to know how to make green!

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