Elementary Student Left At School After Everyone Else Had Been Picked Up. This Officer Responded!

At the end of the school day, faculty grew worried when one of their students was still at school after nearly everyone else had been picked up for the day. It was unusual for the child to still be alone well past the end of the school day, and the school couldn’t get in touch with the child’s guardian. After a bit of digging, the police arrived. The child’s guardian had been incarcerated, and there was no one else to call. What made it worse? It was the child’s birthday.

Officer Robinson responded, and when he learned that the student was meant to be celebrating his birthday, made an effort to help.

Officers know that in situations like these, the local McDonald’s hands out vouchers for free meals. When the owners had given him a coupon for a free cheeseburger, Robinson knew that this was one of those occasions.
He treated the boy to a birthday meal and gave him an exciting ride in his patrol car on top of it all!

When the police were finally able to get into contact with extended family members, he made sure that the boy was safe and sound before leaving.

It might not have been the best birthday, but in the circumstances, this officer went above and beyond to help the student left behind at school, and his community is so proud!

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