Elementary School Kids “Egg-static” When Thousands Of Plastic Easter Eggs Was Up On Shore!

A large storm, Storm Axel, surprised the German island of Langeoog when it knocked shipping containers off of a freighter in the middle of the night. plastic bags and Easter eggs began coating the coastline as they washed ashore, and the children of the island couldn’t believe it. Not only were these fun little eggs colorful, each one had a toy inside!

In Germany, these little toys are known as Überraschungs-Eier, or surprise eggs. These eggs are frequently packaged within a shell of chocolate but aren’t allowed to be sold in the USA.
The mayor of the community (less than 1,000 people) declared that the local children could gather as many eggs as they wanted.

The surprise eggs have found their way to freedom.” He said.

If the company who lost the shipment, or the shipping company, or any other foreign institutions saw the act as thievery, he invites them to come to his island and collect the thousands of tiny plastic eggs littering his beach, and remove the tons of plastic packaging and garbage that has embedded itself into his once-pristine shoreline.

The locals have already organized clean-up teams of volunteers to get their beach back to normal and get rid of as much debris as they could.

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