Elderly Woman Evicted After Owner Stops Paying Mortgage. Neighbors Give Best Birthday Gift EVER!

Angie Tyma had lived in her home with her husband for 35 years, and when he died, she kept on living there. She and her husband had been renting the home from a friend, who purchased the property and moved to Europe…but when their “friend” started having financial trouble, they stopped paying the mortgage. As a result, the lender foreclosed on the property and sold it to an investment company at auction.

The problem? Tyma didn’t find out about it until the new owner showed up and forced her to leave, putting a few of her belongings onto the street and locking the door behind her with a padlock. She was shocked, upset, and had no idea what to do next. Neighbors helped her contact Human Services in order to go into the house the next day and retrieve her medicine and dentures.

Neighbors also rallied together to help. They stored her belongings in their own homes and the county stored the rest – and even helped to give her two dogs a temporary place to stay at a motel nearby.

But Tyma wasn’t going down without a fight! She approached a neighbor and asked Danielle Calder if she would be willing to purchase the home and allow Tyma to rent it from her, instead. Calder lived outside of the city but already owned another home in the same neighborhood. She agreed to the crazy plan, and as it turns out, Tyma will be moving into the house on her birthday!

It was worth it,” Calder said. “I’m blessed to be able to help her.”

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