Elderly Woman Dials The Wrong Number After A Fall, And A STRANGER Comes To The Rescue!

In Newcastle, England, an elderly woman decided to run a bath. She slipped and fell…and couldn’t get back up. She was scared and frustrated, but knew that she needed help. She tried to dial her daughter, but called the wrong number.

The receptionist at a BMW dealership picked up on the other end, and the woman knew that it would be too difficult to try and dial another number. She told the receptionist that she had fallen while trying to run the bath. The receptionist told her boss, Dang Vuong, what was happening and stayed on the line with the woman.

Vuong wasted no time and hopped in his car, traveling two miles to get to the woman’s home. At first, he thought the address was just down the street, but he didn’t turn back when he realized it was a lot farther than he initially thought.

When he reached the home, he found that the door was unlocked. He went into the home and found the woman, shocked and covered in blood from a wound on her face. The bath was overflowing around her and she didn’t know what to do.

He scooped her up and placed her on the sofa until help could arrive, covering her with a blanket. He waited with her until her family and carers arrived. Without his intervention, she would have ended up waiting for several hours before help came. 8.2a2

After her family took over, Vuong went back to work. “It was a fairly busy day at the dealership, but I wasn’t called in for any other dramatic rescues.”

He says that he did what anyone else would have done in the situation.

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