Elderly Man Took His Wife To Wendy’s For “Date Night.” The Truth Is Sweet AND Heart Breaking!

This picture was taken after she realized what was happening. At first, it seemed like a cute old couple spending time on a weeknight eating at their favorite fast food place…but when she discovered the truth? She had to share the story with her friends and family on Facebook, and the reality has taken a lot of people by surprise. 

As I was sitting eating my double cheeseburger at Wendy’s, I glanced over at this older couple, and thought ‘That’s sweet’ And continued with my meal. But when I looked again, in between bites, I saw this gentleman feeding his wife. My whole life I’ve yearned for a love that strong. The gentleman got up from his seat to throw his food away and I couldn’t resist asking how long he and his wife had been married. He looked at me and asked me to guess his age but not to guess too low. After a few guesses he told me he was 96 and his wife is 93 who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. This is their date night. He also told me that if they make it till June, they will be celebrating 75 years of marriage!

Getting all the way to the end of the line with the person you started out with is one of the most glorious things on the face of this earth. Could a couple be more blessed than to have that happen? To share a deep love and bond that only grows as we age, that is a beautiful thing.”

The post received mixed responses, but all of them positive! While many were bittersweet memories of their own grandparents and parents, the couple’s dedication even when things got hard was inspiring to many. The possibility that we can spend 75 years with the person we love most in the world? That is something to look forward to.

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